Practice Areas



There is a long list of felonies and misdemeanors that you can be prosecuted for. We deal with a wide array of criminal charges and can put that experience to work for you by carefully analyzing your facts and finding weaknesses in the prosector's case against you. 

Driving Under the Influence


DUI convictions can adversely affect your mobility. The DMV can immediately suspend your license if you are suspected of a DUI. This can have harsh consequences with your work. It's imperative you contact us immediately to prevent the DMV from issuing an automatic suspension on your driver's license. 



In California, many crimes can be expunged from your record if certain requirements are met. We can look over your case and see if you are eligible to have this removed from your record. 

Juvenile Law


The Juvenile Court system differs from the adult system by focusing on rehabilitation. Having worked with many youths in both the criminal justice system as well as the school system, Seena knows how to approach your case with experience dealing with judges, district attorneys,and county social workers. 



As a certified mediator, it is all about getting to 'yes.' If you have a matter than needs a third party neutral to help through the difficult negotiation process, we can help. 

Restraining Orders


Often times in domestic violence cases, there is a civil restraining order that may pre-exist the criminal case. It is imperative to address both the criminal and civil restraining orders to ensure you are not in violation of any law.