Driving under the influence


Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana - Client arrested at DUI check point. DUI Dismissed. Plead to Reckless Driving/Dry Reckless (Riverside)

BAC .13/.13 - DUI dismissed. Client plead to wet reckless (Banning).

BAC .08/.08 - DUI Dismissed. Client plead to a reckless driving/dry reckless (San Bernardino).

BAC .11/.11 - DUI Dismissed. Client pleads to a wet reckless. (Rancho Cucamonga).

BAC .09/.09 - DUI dismissed. Client was in the military and could would be dishonorably discharged with a DUI. Plead to a reckless driving (Victorville).

3rd Felony DUI with Injuries to passenger. Able to avoid jail time for client. 60 days electronic monitoring bracelet (Riverside).