Domestic Violence/Dissuading a Witness - Dismissed. (Victorville Superior Court) Client plead to a Disturbing the Peace. (People v. Jesus R.) 4/11/18

Domestic Violence - Dismissed before trial. (Riverside Superior Court). People v. Tony K.

Possession of MDMA/Under the Influence - Dismissed (San Bernardino) People v. Raul L.

Resisting Arrest/Possession of Meth - Dismissed before trial (Riverside Superior Court) People v. Jose J.

Domestic Violence - Dismissed upon completion of 12 anger management classes (San Bernardino Superior Court). People v. Enrique L.

Accessory to Murder - Client received 90 days county jail. (Larson Justice Center). People v. Mel A.

Rape - Dismissed. Client pleads to Disturbing the Peace as an Infraction. (Southwest Justice Center) People v. Erik M.

Attempted Murder - Dismissed. Client plead to a battery (San Bernardino Superior Court) People v. Will L. 

Petty Theft - Dismissed before trial (Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court). People v. Mari G.

Evading Police - Dismissed. Client pleads to reckless driving (San Bernardino Superior Court) People v. Hector Q. 

Uttering Criminal Threats/Battery - Dismissed. (Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court) People v. Eve Q.