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Seena is simply amazing. He fought a case for my boyfriend in which the police and his job lied about him stealing with things from his workplace. It's unbelievable how the police reacted and crossed many lines in my boyfriends case but seena and his investigators were able to prove my boyfriend had nothing to do with it. When we were ready to start the trial I guess the D.A. Got cold feet and realized they didn't have a case after they offered my boyfriend 3 years at the court date before. Seena thank you for your hard work.

Maritza A.

There's often negative speculations about lawyers and law firms. Seena Shah puts that to rest and shows you how a real law firm and lawyer should be. I was very happy with the way Seena helped and enlightened me about legal proceedings and the way of the courts. His knowledge is like no other lawyers I've dealt with. I look forward to having him by my side.

Ali L.

I was facing a legal issue and did not know what to do. After speaking to many different lawyers, I finally stumbled upon Seena. Seena went above and beyond of what I expected from a lawyer. He made sure I understood everything A to Z, all of my options, and possible outcomes of each action of my legal matter. While talking to other lawyers, no one was as specific, clear, and knowledgeable as much as Seena was. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants peace of mind regarding any and all legal issues.

Ahmed K.

This guy is legit! I got a drunk in public while I visiting Rancho Cucamonga from Santa Clarita. I looked up some info online and ran across Seena Shah. Gave him a call and he handled everything . Not only did he get my case completely dismissed... I never even had to drive all the way down there for court. All I had to do is 20 AA meetings. Which are free. Needless to say I'm extremely satisfied with my service.

Morad N.

I found Attorney Seena Shah on Yelp, I have never been charged with anything in my life so I'm totally new to the legal process. Shah took my call , broke everything down for me and gave me great advice for my case. I highly recommend Seena Shah if you need a great knowledgeable Defense Attorney.

Justin Q.

Seena Shah handled my case really well, He was straight forward and provided his honest opinion from the beginning. He got me an awesome deal and I was happy with the results. I would recommend him to handle anybody's case as he is one of the best around.

Anthony A.

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